EXCALIBUR ARMY, together with several other defense business partners and national education institutions, led by Research Institute for Building Materials of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, successfully finished the CAMPT center project.

The CAMPT center is focused on enhancement of security of citizens, protection of critical infrastructure, defense and national security of the Czech Republic.

The project was awarded a top grade by the evaluation comittee and brought a whole set of benefits to all participants. For EXCALIBUR ARMY those most important are:

  • design and production of new testing equipment
  • new materials development for increasing ballistic and anti-mine protection
  • commercial application already during the project period
  • own armoured cab for wheeled vehicles production
  • new partnerships with science, research and business enterprises
  • expanding the research and development team
  • new skills acquisition in the field of ballistic steel welding

EXCALIBUR ARMY is proud to have taken part in CAMPT project and is already applying its results in production. 

More info about the project to be found on its website

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