Production of military vehicles and parts and delivery of related equipment.


We produce complete military vehicles and their parts. The main production is located in large premises of former Military Repair Shop in Šternberk where hundreds of people work in production and development. There are other workshops and logistical facilities in Přelouč and Čepí in Pardubice region.

Our products are thoroughly proven in our own testing stations, on our testing fields and at selected shooting ranges so they meet all required quality standards. Above that, an independent Czech State Quality Verification office is also located directly in our factory to control quality of products and service provided by us for the Czech Armed Forces.

Our main production scope 

  • Infantry fighting vehicles and Armoured Personnel Carriers
  • Self Propelled Artillery Systems
  • Military Engineering Vehicles
  • Engines and Spare Parts 

We also offer a range of equipment for military purposes, including large and small calibre weapons, ammunition and ordnance.