The IDET 2023 fair will take place at the Brno exhibition center from May 24 to 26. The traditional exhibitors are companies of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding, the Tatra Trucks company and our company as well. The joint exhibition of the companies will present a number of exhibits in the main exhibition hall at stand No. P 038, and on the outdoor area near pavilion P and on the polygon of dynamic demonstrations. With its size and number of exhibits, the CSG, Tatra and EA exhibition will be the largest at the fair.

Our company will present the newest artillery system in its portfolio – the Morana howitzer, which will have its Czech exhibition premiere in Brno. The Morana represents a completely new design with a gun in the standard caliber 155 mm NATO with a barrel length of 52 calibers. It is built on an extended Tatra 8x8 chassis, and its concept differs significantly from previous Excalibur Army designs in this category of weapon systems. On the outdoor exhibition area and during dynamic demonstrations, we will demonstrate the self-propelled howitzer Dita on the Tatra chassis, which is also equipped with a 155 mm cannon, but with a barrel length of 45 calibers.

"From the number of our exhibits, we nominated the Treva-30 recovery and evacuation vehicle for the Golden IDET award, vehicle is the latest achievement of our designers and technicians in the field of special and engineering vehicles. The Treva-30 uses the proven Tatra 8x8 chassis and is equipped with powerful winches and crane equipment, as well as an armored Puma cabin developed and manufactured by our company as well," informed Richard Kuběna, business director of Excalibur Army. Another special engineering vehicle that will be on display at IDET from the company's portfolio is the AM-70 EX bridge vehicle.

Business director explained another novelty: "For the first time, we will exhibit the Patriot 4x4 armored vehicle with level 4 resistance according to STANAG intended for a customer in the Middle East. Until now, customers have requested these vehicles in lower resistances, but the example on display proves that the design of the Patriot offers wider possibilities." In addition to the Patriot, the IFV Pandur II 8x8 will also be displayed on the outdoor exhibition area. Excalibur Army cooperates with Tatra Defense Vehicle on its development and production. Excalibur Army will also present the MR-2 Viktor light air defense vehicle, which is mounted on a Toyota Hilux chassis and has found its application in Ukraine. The exhibits will also include the SDO-4 decontamination container and the tank workshop container for T-72 tanks on the Tatra chassis.