The Best State-Supported Export Transaction

On Tuesday, December 12, the results of the 29th annual Exporter of the Year competition, organized by the Czech Chamber of Commerce, were announced. We received an award in the category of Best State-Supported Export Transaction – the ČNB and EGAP Prize.

For this award, EXCALIBUR ARMY was nominated by the Czech Export Bank based on a contract aimed at manufacturing and delivering military and civilian vehicles to the market in the United Arab Emirates valued at 47 million euros. The contract, including the costs of our partner company, Resource Industries, could reach a value of up to 77 million euros.

"Our company, Excalibur Army, and the CSG group to which it belongs, thrive on export orders with high added value, which not only benefit our business but also the entire Czech economy. We appreciate the support provided by the Czech Export Bank for financing this order, as they are a significant partner of ours. Thanks to this collaboration, we have become a strong player capable of developing and producing excellent products, successfully transferring our know-how abroad," added David Střešinka, the business development manager responsible for the project, upon receiving the award.

We highly value this recognition and extend our gratitude on behalf of the entire company.