The tradition continues in a new coat.

Heart. Heritage. Horizon. These are the taglines that currently represent the perspective of the Czechoslovak Group holding. We joined CSG in 2014, and they are now changing their corporate identity to signify a time of fresh objectives.

"Our new identity is exemplified by the shield emblem. It conveys not just the energy and muscle of our brand, but also represents our impact on society. The emblem in our new logo is more than mere defense; it illustrates our dedication to sustainability and worldwide influence.

Our aim is to make a difference, not simply document it. We're rooted in generating resolutions and inventions that forthcoming generations can utilise. Our commodities and services aren't solely for enterprise; they aspire to create a safer and more reliable tomorrow. We're not just transitioning to a renewed look; we're implementing a wholly new strategy. Our devotion to society remains unwavering.

Our logo's shield, in different combinations, has turned into a single symbol representing our different divisions with companies across the globe: Defence, Ammo+, Mobility, Aerospace, and Business Projects. All of them contribute to our shared vision and mission."